Singapore PUB open innovation challenges

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Singapore PUB has set aside S$30 million to develop projects in water and used water treatment, industrial water solutions and smart technologies.

It has launched 3 Requests for Proposals (RFP) under the Competitive Research Programme (Water) to develop and translate water technologies to enhance resource efficiencies, specifically energy, water and operational efficiencies. 

These aim to encourage industry technology providers and researchers to build on existing innovative technologies to address industry challenges and develop them into commercial products that will meet operational needs through testing under actual operating conditions.

Enhancing energy efficiency in water and used water treatment processes through technology translation

This targets two specific approaches in enhancing energy efficiency of water and used water treatment processes:

  • To reduce energy consumption of desalination through biomimicry
  • To achieve energy self-sufficient water reclamation plants from a total system perspective through Anaerobic Membrane Bioreactors incorporating the Anammox process, and/or other innovative nutrients removal/recovery process

Enhancing water efficiency through Industrial water solutions 

  1. The main objective is to enhance water efficiency through water consumption reduction of at least 300 m3/day or 5% of the water consumption, whichever is higher, within industries through water recycling or reduction.

Enhancing operational efficiency through smart technologies 

  1. The main objective is to enhance operational efficiency by leveraging smart technologies (such as robotics, drones, automation, data analytics and informatics, video analytics, etc) to minimise manpower required in PUB’s operation and maintenance.

The deadline for the proposal submission is 13 March 2018.

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