YoungScot - How can tech help young people manage their digital footprint?

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5Rights is a UK-wide initiative aimed to enable young people to access the digital world creatively, knowledgeably and fearlessly. Based on the rights already enshrined in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, its five core principles aim to ensure the rights that young people are already entitled to offline are also realised online:

  • The right to remove: to easily edit or delete online content they have created, and access simple and effective ways to dispute online content about them.
  • The right to know: to know who holds and profits from their information, what their information is being used for, and whether it is being copied, sold or traded.
  • The right to safety and support: to be confident they will be protected from illegal practices, and supported if confronted by troubling and upsetting scenarios online.
  • The right to informed and conscious use: to engage online but also to disengage at will and not have their attention held unknowingly.
  • The right to digital literacy: to be taught the appropriate skills to use and critique digital technologies and be confident in managing new social norms.

This challenge will focus on the Youth Commission’s recommendation 5.1 around cyber resilience, with a strong emphasis on their right to remove: We call for a centralised point online for young people to review their digital footprints – using the data that we have already shared constructively and positively.

The deadline for this challenge is 2 July 2018.

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