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There's a thriving social and economic entrepreneurial ecosystem in Scotland, and we're at the heart of it.

We can connect you to a network of partner organisations or individuals best placed to support you at whatever stage of growth you are at, whatever your sector or specific needs. We can also connect you to peer or role model businesses for advice, support and inspiration, and harness our extensive international connections to help you extend your network around the globe.

Entrepreneurs are most successful when they have access to all the human, financial and professional resources they need, and operate in an environment which encourages and promotes achievement.

Ecosystem partners

We want to work with you to enable Scotland to provide world class support to start up and scale up entrepreneurs. Our goal is to make Scotland the most entrepreneurial society in the world.  Become part of our Ecosystem Guide and share what your organisation can do with investors and entrepreneurs.

We can connect you to a fantastic range of exciting, high growth companies in Scotland who are seeking early stage or follow on funding for start up or scale up.


Scotland is fast becoming an investment and growth hub, and we're right at the heart of it. We have company profiles and case studies ready for you to look at and can arrange meetings with relevant companies.

You can view the Scottish ecosystem map of support organisations on the Scotland Can Do website.

View the Scottish ecosystem map