Security Compliance messaging in my language

Heathrow Airport wants to work with innovators to improve its security compliance messaging and encourage better interaction with international visitors.

Before you head through security search at an airport in the UK, you pass through a compliance messaging area. In most UK airports this is primarily in a single language, English.

Heathrow Airport is looking for innovative solutions to provide more effective security compliance messaging.

What methods could Heathrow use to display this messaging in other languages that will get people to notice it and interact with it in their language?

Rejected bags within security slows down the flow of passengers and adds time to an already pressurised process. 

In addition, satisfaction among passengers who have their bags searched remains significantly lower to those who don’t. This is especially true if English isn’t your first language.

Heathrow Airport isn't necessarily looking for an app or kiosk as it has tried this in the past to limited success.

The deadline for this challenge is 31 August 2018. Please send any enquiries or applications to Robin Gissing.