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China: games sector export opportunities

Market opportunity: Games sector

Key details

Opportunity: Games sector

Country: China

Sector: Technology


China has 600 million gamers (nearly twice the population of USA) and it has been estimated that it will generate 32% of global revenue in 2021—more than any other country.

Scale of opportunity

The games market in China is dominated by mobile games, however the market for games on other platforms is still very large.

Revenue from mobile games has grown by eight times in six years to stand at $32.4 billion USD in 2020. The other segments of the market are worth $10.6 billion USD.

As a result of the growth of game development in China, there are more opportunities to provide technical solutions to enhance game play, and to collaborate on projects.

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Eligible companies

This opportunity is open to:

  • Scottish companies who develop their own IP and wish to explore partnerships opportunities with Chines publishers to enter the market
  • Companies who undertake Work For Hire projects, and those who provide technological solutions to enhance game development

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