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China: offshore wind export opportunities

Market opportunity: Offshore wind

Key details

Opportunity: Offshore wind

Country: China

Sector: Energy


Compared to a record of 16.9GW in 2021, the offshore wind installation slowed down significantly in 2022, partly due to the subsidy removal in 2022.

Despite the slowdown in construction, several 26GW projects have started the tendering process which is expected to lead to another construction peak between 2023 and 2025.

Floating wind is an area for Scottish supply chain companies to find potential opportunities. China currently has two demonstration turbines in operation, and three under construction.

The first commercial 1GW project is under construction and expected to be operational by 2027.

Scale of opportunity

According to a study of China’s coasts, China has a floating offshore wind potential of 600GW, including 230GW in waters more than 80 metres deep.

The high cost of floating wind projects poses a big challenge. Currently, the capital expenditure ranges between £3600 and £6000 per KW for floating demonstration projects, while that figure is only £1500 per KW for the fixed-bottom offshore wind projects.

Eligible companies

The opportunity is open to Scottish supply chain companies with expertise in floating wind. We'd like to hear from companies which specialise in:

  • Mooring and anchoring
  • Dynamic cables
  • Substructure design
  • Offshore operation and maintenance

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