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France: biotherapies export opportunities

Market opportunity: Biotherapies

Key details

Opportunity: Biotherapies

Country: France

Sector: Life sciences


France was a leader in fine chemical pharmacology in the early 1990s but has not been as focused on the revolution in biotherapy, stem cells and biomarkers.

In 2018, the national public investment bank (BPI) announced it would invest €248 million EUR in French biotech. It also recognised the need to import technologies from international companies.

French companies are looking to world-class MHRA-accredited GMP ATMP manufacturing facilities within Europe to help fill production gaps. Both chemical production and bioproduction are required.

While France leads Europe in terms of the overall volume of clinical trials it conducts, it is ranked fourth in terms of Phase 1 clinical trials.

Scale of opportunity

In 2018, France imported €19.3 billion EUR in medical products and healthcare – an increase of 3.1% from 2017.

These imports came mainly from Germany (17.6%), Switzerland (13.1%), Belgium (13%), the United States (12.4%) and Ireland (9.6%), but also Scotland (0.8%).

Eligible companies

This opportunity is open to:

  • Scottish companies with innovations in biotherapy, stem cells and biomarkers
  • Scottish CROs and CMOs that can address specific gaps in the French ecosystem

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