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Germany: hydrogen and renewables export opportunities

Market opportunity: Hydrogen

Key details

Opportunity: Hydrogen

Country: Germany

Sector: Energy


Germany’s National Hydrogen Strategy was published in June 2020, in line with the country’s shift to renewables and the Government’s decision to phase out nuclear power by 2022 and coal by 2038. It seeks to address all parts of the hydrogen value chain, introduces targets for domestic H2 production and is backed by substantial public investment.

To support Germany’s 2050 climate targets and post-Covid-19 green recovery, the use of green hydrogen will be an increasingly important focus. However, due to the country’s close integration with the European energy supply infrastructure, CO2-neutral hydrogen will also play a role in Germany, especially on a transitional basis.

Scale of opportunity

The German energy ministry estimates that by 2050 the hydrogen industry could create over 5.4 million jobs, with an annual turnover of €800 billion EUR in Europe.

Hydrogen demand for Germany is estimated to be 90 to 110 TWh until 2030. To address this demand, generation plants with a total capacity of up to 5 GW are planned by 2030.

The German Government will invest €7 billion EUR in improving and increasing the use of hydrogen technologies. The Government has also committed €2 billion EUR to supporting the development of international partnerships with countries where the production of green hydrogen is cheaper.

Eligible companies

There are significant opportunities for any company that can contribute to making the large-scale production of green H2 more affordable.

Scotland’s main advantage is its strong track record on hydrogen and its ability to cater to a green as well as blue hydrogen market.

Several Scottish companies are already active in Germany, supporting electrolyser installation, the provision of electrolyser components and the undertaking of feasibility studies for large-scale H2 projects.

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