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Germany: nuclear decommissioning export opportunities

Market opportunity: Nuclear decommissioning

Key details

Opportunity: Nuclear decommissioning

Country: Germany

Sector: Energy


Germany currently has 26 nuclear power stations in the process of decommissioning. Six are still operational, but three of these will close in December 2021 and the remaining three in December 2022.

Some UK companies are already involved in the German decommissioning process, but with the addition of six new closures, the need for decommissioning expertise is still high. The plants due to be closed are owned by several different organisations, including EnBW, RWE, Vattenfall, Preussen Elektra and E.ON.

Scale of opportunity

One government estimate suggests that the scale of work is around €24 billion EUR (£20.1 billion), rising to €38 billion EUR (£31.9 million) if the associated research centres are included.

The work will be long term, with a suggested peak in 2027, and is expected to continue until 2040 at the earliest.

Eligible companies

This opportunity is open to any company that has experience at a similar Scottish site (like Hunterston, Dounray or Chapelcross).

Offering the same services in Germany will most likely require a native German speaker in the team. But the sheer volume of work over the next decade suggests that the German authorities will have to bring in overseas companies all through the supply chain.

Safety issues are centrally important, so previous experience with nuclear decommissioning is likely to be the most crucial factor.

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