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India: oil and gas decommissioning export opportunities

Market opportunity: Decommissioning

Key details

Opportunity: Decommissioning

Country: India

Sector: Energy


The Indian Government has stepped up its support for two of its largest state-owned energy companies Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC) and Oil India Limited (OIL), increasing their capital expenditure to £3.6 billion and £568 million respectively.

Part of this spending will go towards the decommissioning of ageing oil and gas assets. In addition, some private sector operators in India are also looking to decommission assets.

This will present significant opportunities for Scottish supply chain companies both in working with OIL and ONGC, but also for tier-1 contractors involved in the decommissioning of these assets.

Scale of opportunity

Well plugging and abandonment costs in India are likely to be around £100 million. If Scottish companies can win even 5% of this, it could represent an additional £30 million for the Scottish economy.

Eligible companies

This opportunity is open to Scottish supply chain companies specialising in late-life asset extension, well plugging and abandonment, environment and waste control.

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