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Ireland: Export opportunities in digital tech for home-based healthcare

Market opportunity: Digital tech for home-based healthcare

Key details

Opportunity: Digital technologies for home-based healthcare

Country: Republic of Ireland

Sector: Digital health


In recent years, the Irish healthcare system has been working to move from hospital-based care to primary, home-based care. Scotland’s growing digital health sector is well placed to meet the requirements of this transition.

Several cross-border activities have created strong foundations that help Scottish companies engage with the Irish public health system:

  • The Scotland-Ireland Health Partnership, launched in 2019
  • The Bilateral Review, launched in 2021
  • Transnational EU funding programmes (like Interreg and PeacePlus)

As a result of these activities — and the growing relationship between Scottish and Irish healthcare communities — Scottish Development International Ireland and the Health and Safety Executive’s Digital Transformation Unit hosted a Digital Health Meet-the-Buyer event in July 2021. This was aimed at Scottish companies that could offer solutions for improved primary and home-based care.

Several companies have successfully partnered with the Health and Safety Executive in the wake of this event, and a series of similar co-hosted events are planned for the near future.

In addition, Scottish Development International Ireland has a strong and diverse network within the Irish healthcare ecosystem. It can offer Scottish digital health companies direct access to opportunities across the sector.

Scale of opportunity

The Irish Government’s €2.8 billion Sláintecare programme aims to weave digital health and precision medicine into an ambitious universal healthcare system by 2030.

The domestic Irish digital health ecosystem is small, and it's currently unable to meet the steep requirements of the programme.

Scottish companies can expect to enter the Irish public health market by piloting their products in one of Ireland’s 18 Living Labs.

If successful, the product or service will first be rolled out at a regional level, with the possibility of further nationwide adoption.

Eligible companies

This opportunity is open to:

  • Companies with solutions in the area of asynchronous outpatient visits
  • Companies whose solutions contribute to the stratification of risk
  • Companies whose solutions can accelerate hospital discharge

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