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USA: B2B ecommerce export opportunities

Market opportunity: B2B ecommerce

Key details

Opportunity: B2B ecommerce

Country: USA

Sector: Consumer industries


Business-to-business (B2B) marketplaces and platforms have flourished during the pandemic. Niche marketplaces are ideal for Scottish companies because they can offer significant sales opportunities, have very few barriers to entry and are relatively low cost.

Scottish Development International is developing relationships with B2B marketplaces including, ShopZio, and Joor, with a view to getting more Scottish companies registered on their platform to efficiently target retail in the US.

With these platforms, companies can bypass the traditional and sometimes costly sales structures to engage the market directly. A number of these platforms also target retailers who are focused on a premium buyer.

Scale of opportunity

B2B ecommerce transactions represent over 17% of B2B sales in the US, however this trend is growing. It is estimated that as much as 75% of B2B spending will take place via online marketplaces in the next five years.

We estimate that ecommerce could represent a $5 million USD opportunity for Scottish companies in the long term.

Eligible companies

This opportunity is open to Scottish manufacturers of consumer products who are interested in selling products B2B to independent US retailers.

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