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USA: ecommerce export opportunities for Scottish businesses

Market opportunity: Ecommerce

Key details

Opportunity: Ecommerce

Country: USA

Sector: Consumer goods


Increasingly, there are opportunities for companies to access the U.S. market through ecommerce.

Business to business marketplaces like flourished during the pandemic and offer excellent opportunities to reach a broad base of retailers.

Likewise, direct to consumer platforms like Wayfair offer significant opportunities for brands to connect with consumers.

Ecommerce represents an exceptional opportunity for Scottish companies as many of these marketplaces or platforms can offer significant sales opportunities and have very few barriers to entry.

Scale of opportunity

The United States ecommerce market represents estimated revenues of $905 billion in 2022.

It’s forecasted that ecommerce sales will grow to $1,189.90 billion by 2027. Third Party Merchants are leading players in ecommerce in the U.S. with a retail value share of 30% in 2021. Non-Store and online sales are projected to grow between 11% and 13%.

Ecommerce represents just a portion of total retail sales. Physical retail continues to offer a significant opportunity with forecasts estimating that 2022 retail sales will total around $4.95 trillion.

Eligible companies

This opportunity is open to:

  • Scottish companies offering consumer products
  • Companies with a high level of ambition and be willing to invest in compliance, technology, branding and promotion for the US market

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