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USA: export opportunities in health and wellness frozen foods

Market opportunity: Health & wellness frozen foods

Key details

Opportunity: Health and wellness frozen foods

Country: USA

Sector: Food & drink


The frozen food industry in the USA was worth $54 billion USD in 2019.

Even prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, frozen food sales were outperforming total store sales. Millennials were increasingly seeking out products with health-enhancing attributes or high nutritional content, including free-from, all-natural, plant-based and low-in-sodium product ranges.

Due to ongoing restrictions in hospitality and eating out, the frozen food trend accelerated in 2020 as more people stock their freezers with meals they can prepare at home. Consumers are expected to continue to focus on health and wellbeing and invest in better-for-you items to eat as more innovative product ranges become available.

Scale of opportunity

The IRI Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) Demand Index has highlighted that there is still a high level of demand for frozen food in 2020, up 31% compared with 2019.

Covid-19 is likely to have a long-term impact on US consumers’ buying habits and behaviour. We estimate that this could present a $20 million USD opportunity for Scottish companies in the long term.

Eligible companies

Scottish manufacturers of frozen food ranges that are willing to develop new healthy alternatives to their existing product ranges.

Primary producers in Scotland currently focused on fresh produce (salmon, seafood, fruit, vegetables) that are willing to invest in developing a range of frozen products. 

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