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Leadership Development programme

Leadership Development programme

If you want to inspire others and improve business performance, join one of two upcoming Leadership Development programmes. Whether you’re a new leader or have years of experience, our future-proof workshops are designed to increase your team’s success, resilience and wellbeing at work.

What's it about? 

Our programme offers a unique approach to leadership development. It encourages you to build on your own capability and confidence.

It builds values-based leadership skills with an emphasis on fair and innovative workplace practices and inclusive economic growth.  This approach is also rewarded by improvements in innovation and productivity.

You’ll learn to:

  • Identify and integrate organisational values into your workplace culture
  • Develop a more successful business which is also a fair place to work
  • Drive engagement, innovation and productivity
  • Increase resilience, agility and the ability to drive faster change
  • Develop strategic decision making

Who's it for?

There are two programmes to chose from, depending on which stage you're at in your career: Growth Leadership or Essential Leadership.

What is the Essentials Leadership programme?

This programme offers a detailed introduction to leadership development. It encourages you to unlock your potential as a leader through developing your understanding of leadership principles.
As such, it’s an ideal opportunity for new or potential leaders, or those whose businesses are the early stage of growth.

What structure does it take?

The programme is delivered over three months through the following stages:

  • Pre-programme onboarding: During this first stage diagnostics, including a 360, are to be undertaken with each participant. The diagnostic results will be discussed and actions to take forward will be identified and agreed.
  • Learning phase: These facilitated sessions will allow like-minded individuals to come together to learn, experiences and support, challenge, and inspire each other.
  • Post-programme support and implementation: This takes the form of a half-day session dedicated to forward action planning. During this you will, with your sponsor, review what you have learned, track your progress to date, and create your action plan and next steps.
  • Coaching: Finally, you will have four hours of coaching with a qualified coach to further develop you as a leader. The focus of this can be on either business or personal development.

What’s involved?

The programme will focus on the following:

  • Understanding the roles and responsibilities of a leader.
  • Developing your self-awareness and impact as a leader.
  • Understanding how implementing fair work in the organisation can have a positive impact your people and business performance.
  • Developing your skills to encourage employee voice
  • Learning how to influence a culture where leaders don't always have the answers and employees make decisions.

This programme is subsidised by Scottish Enterprise.

Price per participant is £700 plus VAT.

What is the Growth Leadership programme?

Are you a leader who wants to enhance your team's success, resilience, and well-being? Our Growth Leadership Programme offers a unique approach to leadership development with an emphasis on motivational intelligence (MQ).
This programme is designed to help you build on your leadership capabilities and confidence while creating a more innovative, productive, and fair workplace.

What will I gain?

You'll learn to:

  • Develop MQ leadership skills that encourage fair and innovative workplace practices and inclusive economic growth.
  • Increase engagement, innovation, and productivity among your team.
  • Enhance your strategic decision-making skills.
  • Build a resilient, agile, and change-driven team culture.
  • Identify and integrate organisational values into your workplace culture.
  • Create a successful business that is also a fair place to work.

What’s involved?

The Growth Leadership Programme is centred on you as a leader and is action-learning based, collaborative, and measured. The programme includes:

  • Pre-programme diagnostic
  • Eight interactive workshops that focus on the four interconnected levels of leadership: self, team, organisation, and community/society.
  • You'll also learn about values-based leadership, workplace innovation, fair work and progressive people practices, innovation and inclusive business structures, change leadership and resilience, and more.
  • Programme completion diagnostic
  • 14 hours of one-to-one coaching to embed the learnings of the programme
  • Half-day action planning workshop
  • Leadership development plan.


The programme will provide you with feedback, action planning discussions, a customised learning portal, and learning groups. The workshops are delivered throughout the year, from September to July, and are subsidised by Scottish Enterprise.

Join us and enhance your leadership capabilities by enrolling in the Growth Leadership Programme today. The cost per participant is £1600 plus VAT.

Next steps 

Programmes are delivered throughout the year, from August to June. Contact us for dates of the next available programme.

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