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Trading after Brexit

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Prepare your business to operate after Brexit.

Confused about what the EU exit means for your business operations? You're not alone. Whatever your business size, location, or sector, we provide guidance and support to safeguard your business growth.

Learn. Adapt. Operate.

Scotland’s enterprise and skills agencies are working together to help businesses across Scotland overcome the challenges posed by the EU exit.


Step 1

React to changes brought about after Brexit

Get access to the latest Brexit resources, advice, events and funding to help you operate now that Britain has left the EU.

All businesses in Scotland should continue to stay informed about the changes to business operations that have come into force from 1 January 2021. It’s vital that your business acts now to be in the strongest position possible to adapt quickly and thrive.

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Step 2

Take action now to secure your supply chain

There are actions you can take to ensure your business continues to operate now that the UK has exited the EU.

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Worried about the impact on your supply chain after Brexit? Be resilient. Know your options and adapt with our help.

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Step 3

Get support for export and customs documentation

Customs processes have changed after Brexit.

Is your business ready to operate in the changed landscape? Decide how you’re going to deal with customs documentation and get help from trade experts.

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Got a question about operating after Brexit?

Get in touch with our experts for the latest on the UK's exit from the EU, its impact on Scottish businesses, and how we can help you navigate the changes facing all companies.