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These are challenging times for the global oil and gas industry, but Scotland's supply chain companies can still find opportunities in the Asia Pacific.

Asia Pacific oil and gas map

The global oil and gas industry is continuing to adjust to changing economic conditions.

Those changes have impacted on the sector here in Scotland and we're committed to helping our supply chain companies to adapt to these new conditions.

Despite the challenging global climate, we know that one way to build a sustainable future for the sector in Scotland is to explore opportunities in international markets.

That's why we offer a comprehensive range of products and services designed to support every stage of the export journey.

And it's why we've produced a series of guides to help Scottish companies explore the opportunities available in key oil and gas regions.

Our guide to the Asia Pacific oil and gas market includes:

  • Regional overview
  • Exploration/development news
  • Current environment (eg political)
  • Major developments in the region
  • Opportunities

Oil and gas industry in the Asia Pacific

Oil demand in the Asia Pacific region is forecast to account for almost 90% of the increase in global demand between 2014 and 2040. By 2035, the region is expected to contribute 35% of total global energy production.

That means opportunities for Scottish supply chain companies in a number of subsectors across the region:

  • Subsea

Demand for oil and gas across China, India and Southeast Asia and growing LNG demand in Japan and South Korea is expected to increase subsea activity over the next five years.

Australia and Malaysia will also contribute to the growing subsea demand.

  • Pipe/control

Pipe and control line expenditure is expected to reach $57 billion from 2016 to 2020. Projects in Malaysia, Australia and India are forecast to drive demand.

  • Floating

While Australia accounts for almost 50% of floating production storage demand in the region, demand will also be driven by Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and India.

  • Fixed

Activity in South East Asia, notably Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam, is expected to contribute to a relatively resilient fixed platform market over the next five years.

  • Regional hubs

Scottish oil and gas supply chain companies might also find opportunities in the Asia Pacific's main oil and gas hubs including Singapore, China, Vietnam and Malaysia.

Read our full guide to oil and gas opportunities in the Asia Pacific (PDF, 862kB)

Market insights country by country

To help you identify the best markets for your company, we've also produced individual guides to key countries in the Asia Pacific:

Australia (PDF, 737kB)

Brunei (PDF, 1.1MB)

China (PDF, 1.1MB)

India (PDF, 730kB)

Indonesia (PDF, 685kB)

Japan (PDF, 647kB)

Malaysia (PDF, 722kB)

Myanmar (PDF, 700kB)

Papau New Guinea (PDF, 669kB)

Philippines (PDF, 676kB)

Thailand (PDF, 1MB)

Vietnam (PDF, 851kB)

Free export advisory service

Whether your target market in Asia Pacific or other oil and gas markets, getting started in international trade can be daunting.

We get that. It's why we've got a range of services designed to help Scottish companies do business outside Scotland

From support to attend trade shows, to help researching the right market for your products and services, we're committed to helping our oil and gas supply chain reach its international potential.

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