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Business resilience

Building business resilience is the best way to future-proof your company. We’re here to provide you with support and expertise to ensure your organisation is positioned to meet the changing nature of the world of work.

Get support to build business resilience

Explore services, resources and support that can help your business navigate challenging times.

Adopt safe working practices

Planning ahead will help to build the resilience of your workforce. It will help you ensure you're future-proofing your business to meet the changing nature of the world of work.

The Find Business Support website has resources for employers, including:

Get expert advice

If you want to start building resilience now, you can read our seven-point checklist for building business resilience.

You'll find advice on digital transformation, workforce reskilling and innovation from Clare Alexander, our Head of Business Models and Workplace Innovation. 

Read our business resilience checklist 

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