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What we do

Scottish Enterprise is Scotland's national economic development agency. We work to transform the Scottish economy by helping businesses innovate and scale. Learn more.

The support we offer

We're an outward-looking agency. We use our networks, insights and experience to deliver projects that help businesses take advantage of new market opportunities.

Whether you're a new, early-stage or existing business, we can help you realise your growth ambitions.

We'll work with you to secure investment in innovation, enter high-growth markets and boost export performance. We'll also help you build the productive and engaged workforces that underpin sustainable, competitive businesses.

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We focus on activity that adds value and provides good returns. This includes:

  • Business development and advice that helps companies achieve their growth objectives, from scaling up to succession planning and collaboration
  • Innovation support for new product and service development, including accessing research and development funding, transforming the workplace and adopting new tools
  • Export and international market support that helps companies start exporting or expand their international sales through a range of online and specialist services
  • Targeting capital and inward investment that aligns with new market opportunities
  • Helping businesses transition to net zero and adopt fair work practices by providing specialist advice and support
  • Investing in projects that support regional innovation assets and connect with business capabilities in Scotland and around the world
  • Entrepreneurial and scale-up support for high-growth spinouts, start-ups and scaling companies to help them develop strategic growth plans and raise external investment

Realising opportunities in new markets

We support ambitious businesses to develop capabilities around new market opportunities. These include low carbon energy, health and wellbeing, technology and data, and high-value manufacturing.

We'll help companies improve their business performance, making it easier for them to adapt to changes emerging from the transition to net zero and the development of a climate-resilient Scotland.

Our work with companies will also encourage them to adopt fair work practices, engage workers to improve performance, and remain attractive to employees, customers and investors.

By doing this, we can deliver long-term prosperity for Scotland’s businesses and people. We'll also help to ensure that Scotland benefits from the huge changes and disruptions taking place in the global economy.

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Setting businesses up for success

Using our networks, expertise and experience, we focus on activities that help businesses in Scotland secure investment, grow and scale, and become internationally competitive.

Helping businesses transition to net zero

We recognise that businesses that embrace net zero can gain competitive advantage, reduce costs and access capital more easily through investors and financial institutions.

A commitment to sustainability can help companies mitigate against the risks of climate change while enhancing their reputation and brand image. This in turn helps them appeal to environmentally conscious consumers and attract and retain staff.

As a condition of our support, we expect recipients of funding and grants to have a credible plan in place to reduce their emissions to net zero by 2045, or to commit to putting such a plan in place within 12 months of their funding award.

To help businesses realise the benefits of adopting sustainable and net zero practices, our team of sustainability specialists will work with companies no matter where they are on their journey.

Learn more about our business sustainability support

Helping businesses adopt fair work practices

We choose to work with companies that adopt Fair Work First practices because these practices benefit the economy, businesses, and our society.

Recipients of our funding and grants will need to demonstrate that they follow the seven fair work principles. This means they must:

  • Provide appropriate channels for effective voice
  • Pay the real Living Wage
  • Invest in workforce development
  • Use zero hours contracts appropriately
  • Take action to tackle the gender pay gap and create a more diverse and inclusive workplace
  • Offer flexible and family-friendly working practices for all workers from day one of employment
  • Oppose the use of fire and rehire practices

As part of our commitment to actively promoting Fair Work First practices, we’ll work closely with businesses on their fair work journey, offering support through our workplace innovation service.

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