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What we do

What we do

Scottish Enterprise is Scotland's national economic development agency. We’re committed to growing the Scottish economy for the benefit of all, helping create more quality jobs and a brighter future for every region.

Building Scotland's future today

The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated many of the changes we were seeing in society, through technology advancements and in the economy. Driving a more sustainable, inclusive economy for the wellbeing of all, has never been so important.

Wellbeing shares centre stage with sustainable and inclusive economic growth in the Scottish Government’s new National Performance Framework. A powerful statement of national purpose.

Our organisation is evolving to be at the heart of realising this ambition. Watch our video on our vision for the future:

Our business plan

Our operating business plan 2021-22 sets out how we're committed to create more, better jobs that nurture shared wealth and collective wellbeing.

We're working collaboratively, deploying our people and funding to maximum effect to deliver a sustainable, inclusive, and fair future for all of us.

Read more about our business plan

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Delivering for the whole economy

We're playing our part to deliver for the whole economy. This means working with business to create more, quality jobs. Ones that pay at least the real living wage and support businesses, communities and families across Scotland. 

We’ve served Scotland well in recent years, supporting the Scottish Government's Economic Strategy:

  • Securing a reputation as a location of choice for significant inward investment
  • Growing exports in lucrative overseas markets, and
  • Helping build home-grown success in areas such as robotics and informatics

But Scotland, along with many other developed countries, continues to struggle with an uneven spread of economic success across its diverse communities. Persistent, regional pockets of low employment and too few businesses realising their growth potential are damaging wellbeing in parts of Scotland.

These challenges, alongside a complex post-Covid, post-EU exit global economy, and the impact of automation and artificial intelligence, mean that more of the same economic development will, at best, deliver more of the same economic outcomes. And inequalities will remain.

We are committed to supporting Scotland’s economic transformation to net zero. We are focused on developing a thriving and sustainable economy that generates opportunities, positions Scotland in new markets, creates jobs and ensures long-term viability for businesses.

Adrian Gillespie, CEO, Scottish Enterprise


It’s time for a new approach

An approach that taps into Scotland’s past to build a brighter future today.

Although a small country, Scotland has always packed an impressive punch in terms of economic success over the centuries.

As one of the original industrial powerhouses, it has long been a nation of thinkers and innovators, whose inventions and ideas have been embraced across the globe.

From whisky, shipbuilding and penicillin, to television, jet engines and nano-satellites, Scotland has a deep history of innovation that’s provided the foundation of much of the modern world.

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Scotland continues to have the potential to make a big impact on the world stage. Our reputation is growing as a place to do business. Not just because of the skills, talent and resources at our disposal. But because of who and what we are: Innovative. Progressive. Welcoming. Dynamic.

Shared vision

Businesses of every size in Scotland – from the home-grown to those that have chosen to locate here – all recognise there's an opportunity to be part of a growing economy that does things differently. To contribute to sustainability, equality and wellbeing while growing their business. To give something back. To be kind and do good.

We're proud to stand with these companies. To be the difference together.

Likewise, we need to work hand in hand with partners and friends who share our vision. Rally together in a more open and collaborative way, so we can maximise opportunities and tackle the big challenges.

We need to be as entrepreneurial as the people and businesses we support. Agile in our thinking. Question how things are done. Take brave, insight-driven and evidence-led decisions to make new things happen. And ensure we have the right culture, talent and skills that foster a new way of working, to deliver for the economy.

Planning for success

We want all of Scotland's children to have the future they deserve. A future where every community, every family, and every individual, benefits from economic success.