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Freedom of Information (FOI)

As a Scottish public body, we comply with the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002. Learn about our Freedom of Information (FOI) processes, see responses that we've published and find out how you can make an FOI request.

What is Freedom of Information (FOI)?

As a Scottish public body, Scottish Enterprise complies with the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002.

This Act provides a right of access to information held by public bodies and requires Scottish public authorities to produce and maintain a publication scheme. Authorities are under a legal obligation to:

  • Publish the classes of information that they make routinely available
  • Tell the public how to access the information and what it might cost

We've adopted the Model Publication Scheme produced by the Scottish Information Commissioner. In adopting the Single Model Scheme, we've produced a Guide to Information (DOC, 209 KB, 8 Pages)  which:

  • Allows you to see what information is available (and what is not available) in relation to each class
  • States what charges may be applied
  • Explains how to find the information
  • Provides contact details for enquiries and to get help with accessing the information
  • Explains how to request information that has not been published

How to make a FOI request

You have the right to access all types of recorded information and, apart from certain specific exceptions, authorities and their staff must comply with these requests.

You can make your request in the following ways:

By email: 

By post: Scottish Enterprise HQ
Atrium Court
50 Waterloo Street
G2 6HQ

Your request will be dealt with promptly and usually within 20 working days. There is no need to cite the Act or explain why information is being asked for. However, giving as much detail as you can may help us respond more fully to your request.

Please note there is no obligation for Scottish Enterprise to comply with an information request if:

  • An exemption applies
  • If the cost of doing so would exceed the amount set by the fees regulations
  • If the information is not held by us

For example, an exemption may be applied if releasing information would cause a breach of confidence to a third party, if it divulged personal information, or if the information was commercially sensitive.

If you require any assistance to make a request, please email us at or call us on 0300 013 3385.

Additional detailed FOI guidance opens in a new window is also available on the Scottish Information Commissioner’s website.

Request for review

If you think that your request has not been handled appropriately, you have the right under the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 to request a review.

Your request for review must be submitted within 40 working days of receiving the initial response and include your name and a contact address or email address for correspondence. It should identify your original request and the reason why you are dissatisfied with the response received. Scottish Enterprise will respond to requests for review within 20 working days of receipt.

You can request a review by post or by email:

Adrian Gillespie
Chief Executive
Atrium Court
Scottish Enterprise
50 Waterloo Street
G2 6HQ


If you are dissatisfied with the outcome of a review, you have the right to apply to the Scottish Information Commissioner within six months following the date of receipt of the review notice. 

You can make an application online opens in a new window at the Scottish Information Commissioner website.

If you do not wish to appeal online, you can appeal by post or by e-mail:

Office of the Scottish Information Commissioner
Kinburn Castle
Doubledykes Road
St Andrews
KY16 9DS


Tel:  01334 464610

Read our FOI releases

We're committed to publishing information released in response to Freedom of Information requests. We may have already published the information that you need, so before making a request, please check our website to see if the information you're looking for is already available.

If the information you require has already been made available to the public, we would normally refer you back to that source.

View our FOI requests and responses