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Sector insight helps LiberEat target new markets

Our market research provided sector analysis and information on competitors and potential customers to help LiberEat prepare market insights for investors.

21 Oct 2020 | 3 minute read

Building relationships 

LiberEat is an Aberdeen-based food tech start-up. Its app of the same name allows users to filter restaurant menus, recipe ideas and food products by allergens and animal products. 

The success of the app relies on partnerships with food retailers, and our research team helped the company with free-from food market data, lists of UK chain restaurants and regular updates from the food tech sector both at home and worldwide. 

Our research helped LiberEat successfully approach and increase its collaboration with partner brands throughout the UK, building relationships and running successful trials. The firm recently secured a partnership with Pret A Manger, increasing the number of venues available on the app to more than 1400 across the UK.

Market research and networking support

We helped LiberEat with market research on free-from foods and allergy prevalence to make sure there was a suitable market for its app, as well as finding UK chain restaurants that would be effective customers or partners.

Our insights also helped identify potential food and health-tech investors for funding opportunities, and we were able to provide additional sector knowledge and company profiles to find its place in the market.

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