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Verlume: storage and management solutions for Scotland's energy transition

Learn more about how we’ve supported Verlume, a leader in energy management and storage technologies for the energy industry.

12 Jan | 5 minute read

Verlume was established in 2013 as an engineering services business. Since then, with support from Scottish Enterprise and other partners, it has moved its to focus on solutions that support Scotland’s energy transition.

After spending the last decade building up a range of sustainable solutions, Verlume is now a leader in the energy transition. The company provides a suite of products based on core technologies of intelligent energy management and storage for the energy industry.

Our long-term partnership with Verlume

We’ve been a supporter of Verlume since its early days as an engineering services business.

Initially, our High Growth Start Up team assisted the company, providing intensive support around technology and skills development within the management team.

Since then, we’ve continued to support the business through its transformation from a services company into a product and technology business.

To date, we’ve invested £3.2 million in the company as it has progressed through research and development phases.

Additional investors include the Scottish National Investment Bank. In 2023, it invested £6.6 million alongside existing investor Par Equity to support the company’s transition into largescale commercialisation.

Investing in sustainable battery technology

Having secured this investment, Verlume can now focus on further developing its battery technology.

This tech can be used to charge servicing vessels, sensor equipment and autonomous subsea vehicles. It can also reduce carbon emissions associated with servicing and maintaining fixed and offshore floating wind farms.

Verlume’s current projects

Verlume’s recent investment is also enabling it to undertake new projects to complement its existing ones. Below are just a couple of its most recent.

Renewables for subsea power

Verlume currently several collaborative projects underway, including a £2 million demonstrator project, named Renewables for Subsea Power.

This project has connected the Blue X wave energy converter – built by Edinburgh company Mocean Energy – with Verlume’s Halo underwater battery system.

The integrated system has been demonstrated to harness the relatively gentle summer waves of its testing ground five kilometres off Orkney to provide sustainable, efficient power for subsea equipment.

RWE Offshore Wind

Verlume have been working with RWE since 2022, when the company won RWE’s first international innovation competition focused on system integration for offshore wind.

The project is taking place on RWE’s OranjeWind offshore wind farm, which is located 53 kilometers from the Dutch coast.

Verlume’s Halo subsea battery energy storage system — which includes integrated intelligent energy management — can provide a scalable and flexible demand of energy to match the supply profile of the wind farm.

Beyond preventing grid curtailment, Verlume’s storage solution can provide multiple offshore services, such as frequency response, ‘black start’ capability for wind turbines, charging for hybrid or fully electric service vessels, and residency for Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs).

This will enable further reductions of the CO2 footprint of offshore wind farms and associated logistics.

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We look forward to continuing to support Verlume as it takes advantage of Scotland’s opportunities in energy transition and looks to continue its growth into international markets and export opportunities.

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