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European funding

European funding calls

European funding is highly competitive, and you often need to collaborate with other businesses to win it. We can help you find funding, connect with project partners and submit your proposal.

The Scottish EU Funding Portal

The Scottish EU Funding Portal is a partnership project between Scotland Europa, Scottish Government, East of Scotland European Consortium, and West of Scotland European Forum.

You can search for EU programmes, project ideas and find national contact points and experts.

Scottish EU funding portal

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The Scottish European Green Energy Centre (SEGEC)

The Scottish European Green Energy Centre (SEGEC) helps attract European funding to Scotland in the critical growth areas of energy and low carbon by supporting businesses and key stakeholders.

Find out how SEGEC can help your business find and apply for funding

Helping Scottish businesses win European funding

We want more Scottish businesses to win their share of European funding, to help drive exciting projects for Scotland’s economy.

If you’re thinking of applying for European Funding, we can help you find the right funding call, prepare for the application process, find partners in qualifying countries, and develop your concept. We can also review your proposal and connect you with our European contacts for extra guidance.

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Looking for support to find, access and apply for European funding? Get in touch today to find out how we could help.

Webinar: overview of Horizon Europe funding

Interested in securing Horizon Europe funding for a project in low carbon energy? These funding calls can be highly competitive but highly rewarding. Find out more about the calls that are coming up, as well as the support available to help you secure funding.

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Not right for you? Explore other funding options for your business

Funding for innovation

Search our database of funding for innovative and R&D projects. You can also speak to our team about support that’s available to help you win innovation funding.

Featured grants and funding calls

We’re promoting exciting grants from across the public sector, as well as delivering a few of our own. Explore what’s available to your business.

Investment funding

Looking for investors and investment funding? We can help you access a variety of sources of funding, including our own co-investment funds, as well as help your business prepare for investors.

All public sector funding

Looking to explore all funding available to Scottish businesses from across the public sector? Search for available grants, funding calls, loans and more on Find Business Support.