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Market research helps 1nhaler access funding

1nhaler approached the Scottish Enterprise Research Service ahead of its international launch. And with specialist epidemiology information on asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), the company secured a SMART:SCOTLAND grant.

Four Scientists In Lab

29 Nov 2019  |  2 minute read

1nhaler is a Scottish medical device company that has developed the 1nhaler device, a new technology platform for inhalable dry powder medications.

Supporting strategy

After contacting the service, 1nhaler's Commercial Director Lisa McMyn says, "I’ve already passed on to our account manager how much value we place on the support and info we’ve received from you.

“It’s really appreciated, and we are utilising it to underpin our targeting and sales strategy."

In addition to providing figures on the value of the asthma drug market, our researcher Lynda also offered a number of in-depth company profiles on key pharmaceutical companies. This helped the company understand its drugs and R&D pipeline and other existing areas of focus.

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A unique product

The primary innovation that differentiates 1nhaler from other disposable, single-dose DPIs is the use of a breathable membrane to the store the relevant drug within the device. This difference is why it was so important to understand how it fits into the market.

The 1nhaler transforms from a convenient business-card sized, flat-sealed state to a mouth-shaped, 3D state, from which the stored drugs are inhaled. It is activated through the user’s breathing, meaning the drug is delivered into the lung without mechanical effort.

After connecting with one of our highly skilled researchers, 1haler could explore potential markets without risk, saving time, resources and money.

Ongoing support

Following the approval of the SMART:SCOTLAND grant, 1nhaler is building on the information provided and now have its technical feasibility project underway. The research team is providing free, ongoing support.

Next step

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