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Scaling innovation for business growth

Scotland has some of the most innovative and fastest growing clusters in Europe. Space, fintech and industrial biotechnology are just some of the future industries we predict will drive Scotland's economy, support well-paid jobs, and promote a wellbeing economy. Learn how we can help you scale innovation.

Investing for growth in future industries

Is your business looking to scale up in a future industry? 

If so, we can help you access Scotland's world-class innovation resources. These include research and development facilities, strategic partners, and higher education programmes. This support will help your business grow and become competitive on the global stage.

Right now, we're focusing on high-growth businesses in the following industries:

  • Space
  • Quantum photonics and semiconductor technologies
  • Industrial biotechnology
  • Life sciences (human health)
  • Fintech

If you want to scale a business in one of these industries, we can connect you with high-value manufacturing, digital and data resources that will help make it happen.

How we support pioneering businesses

Explore the support we can offer businesses looking to scale up through innovation.

  • Expert innovation guidance

    Learn how our innovation support experts can help you review your innovation activities, nurture new ideas and grow your business.

  • Scaling support

    Our range of spin-out, start-up and early-stage growth support could help transform your strategy and accelerate your journey.

  • Digital transformation support

    We provide advice on all aspects of digital technologies, including cyber security planning, data and analytics, Industry 4.0, ecommerce, and implementing business systems.

  • SMART: SCOTLAND grant for SMEs

    Our SMART: SCOTLAND grant can support technically focused feasibility studies to help discover if your idea will work in the real world.

  • Research and development grants

    If you’re looking to research, develop or improve a product, process or service, our R&D grants can help with project costs and financing your research.

  • Scottish Venture Fund

    This flexible equity gap fund invests alongside private sector investors, offering equity funding from £100,000 up to £2 million to develop innovative products, services, or business models.

How to build an effective innovation strategy

A strong innovation strategy will help you use new ideas to their full potential and grow your business. Find out how you can build a clear and effective innovation strategy.

Read our guide 

Read about companies we've supported

Read case studies on companies that we have helped scale through innovation.

  • ETZ ltd: Scotland’s first Energy Incubator and Scale Up Hub

    ETZ Ltd has secured more than £3 million to create an Energy Incubator and Scale Up Hub at its Innovation campus.

  • 'Lab-on-a-chip' tech from RAB-Microfluidics

    Our work with RAB-Microfluidics has helped the company perfect its cutting edge ‘lab-on-a-chip’ technology, which can dramatically cut costs for marine companies.

  • AMIDS: Scotland's advanced manufacturing innovation district

    Learn about the Advanced Manufacturing Innovation District Scotland (AMIDS) — Scotland’s dedicated space for manufacturing innovation and why it’s a major opportunity for investors.

Want to get started?

Our innovation specialists are ready to answer your questions and help you start scaling.