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Manufacturing is the lifeblood of any successful economy and the Scottish Manufacturing Advisory Service (SMAS) has the expertise to help streamline and boost your oil and gas business.

From widgets to wellheads, deep-sea submersibles to drilling rigs, the Scottish oil and gas industry has a history of building the best. But the best can always be better.   

The specialist business advisors at SMAS have a proven track record of troubleshooting across a wide range of technologies and industrial sectors. 

They are practical, down-to-earth people with passion, commitment and a credible track record in improving manufacturing processes for bottom-line benefit. Specialist help is also available from our team of associate partner organisations. 

Helping Hydro Group

I’m also a big advocate of SMAS as we’ve reaped the benefits of what they do in a number of areas. For instance we spent a lot of time developing our staff and we have a really low staff turnover which is quite unusual in Aberdeen – less than 2.5%

Doug Whyte, managing director at Hydro Group

The team - specialists in process improvement; lean manufacturing and innovation – brings together over 500 years of manufacturing expertise, from shop floor through to director level. SMAS is focused on developing a culture of business excellence in all manufacturing companies in Scotland. 

Set up 10 years ago by Scottish Enterprise, the team’s specialist advisors can help your business on its journey to excellence and show you how to maximize your operational capability through tailored, support focused, quality improvement. 

To date, SMAS has delivered 1000 company improvement projects, resulting in over £130 million of productivity savings. 

Stand out from the crowd 

To be an export-driven manufacturing business, customers need to have faith in your products and processes. This is achieved by having highly-engineered, reliable products that offer real value, produced and delivered in the most efficient way possible. 

A critical aspect of this is ensuring that price is not the single determining factor – it should be a combination of quality, performance and value. Think German cars, Scottish whisky and Swiss machine tools. All these products have local alternatives, but consumers are still willing to purchase them. 

Successful manufacturing businesses must have a relentless focus on improving operational excellence and delivering innovative products and, for that, a focus on business improvement is essential.

Scotland's European competitors have focused on this for decades and the evidence suggests that this is the essential platform for innovation and growth. 

Benefits to businesses using SMAS's services will be realised through: 

  • One-to-one advisory services for manufacturing companies, particularly around business process improvements
  • Awareness of best practice in manufacturing, through training and seminar activity
  • Support for collaborative projects between companies that will develop the capability of Scottish manufacturers
  • Signposting to other initiatives that will help companies exploit new business opportunities, generate additional revenue and increase growth helping to make Scotland's manufacturing sector more globally competitive

Make the most of your products In the oil and gas sector

SMAS help and advice has already helped firms; including Hayward Tyler Fluid Handling, Aker Solutions, Lamond and Murray, the Mitchell Engineering Group, the Hydro Group, Titan Torque and Online Electronics to streamline and boost their businesses. 

After attending a SMAS best practice presentation, Hayward Tyler Fluid Handling introduced a 5S improvement programme to optimise the working environment at their East Kilbride base. 

Supporting Aker Solutions

We have a wealth of knowledge and experience within our business. However, with the specific expertise and fresh pair of eyes perspective that SMAS brought to the table we now have more clarity on the road to increased manufacturing capacity. We have already enlisted SMAS to support us in other areas of the business.

Karon McDonald, vice-president of operations and manufacturing at Aker Solutions

Paul Noble, managing director, Hayward Tyler, said: 

"Since we started, we have seen our rolling 12 month On Time Delivery (OTD) improve by 5% to the present 90% OTD, while our rolling 12 month scrap and rework costs have reduced by 22% and are currently less than 2% of revenue. We’ve seen improvements in quality of product and costs have been reduced." 

Engineering success At Aker Solutions, the SMAS team helped the engineering firm improve the business through continuous improvement and culture change. SMAS brought the skills, experience and the necessary tools/ techniques to support Aker Solutions’ staff in identifying the projects that helped drive their business forward. 

Their manufacturing capacity has improved as a result of their employees working together to improve the products, processes and procedures. Aker Solutions has found real value in working with SMAS, and have been able to quickly double their manufacturing capacity and they look to build on the improvements going forward. 

Next steps 

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