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Nordics: digital health tech export opportunities

Market opportunity: Digital and health tech

Key details

Opportunity: Digital and health tech

Country: Nordics

Sector: Technology


The Nordic countries offer universal healthcare to all citizens and their digital infrastructure is one of the most sophisticated in Europe. Technology is a key enabler.

The Nordic countries have collected patient data on every individual for the past 30 years. Big data, artificial intelligence and high levels of patient-empowering tools have created a new playing field for healthcare systems and companies.

Scale of opportunity

Denmark is currently investing £5.2 billion in building and renovating 16 hospitals, of which six are brand new super-hospitals. Around 20% of this investment is reserved for digital and technology solutions.

Eligible companies

This opportunity is open to Scottish companies that have digital health platforms, apps and processes, with experience in national healthcare systems (particularly the NHS).

Specific areas of interest include remote monitoring, self-care tools, diagnostics technologies, IoT device solutions and analytical or big data tools to improve healthcare.

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