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Singapore: seafood food service and retail export opportunities

Market opportunity: Seafood food service and retail

Key details

Opportunity: Seafood foodservice and retail 

Country: Singapore

Sector: Food and drink


Singaporean consumers are highly discerning and several of Singapore’s leading restaurants and hotels, including Marina Bay Sands and the Fairmont/Swissotel, have recently announced that they will only source sustainably wild-caught or farmed seafood in their menus.

Given Scotland’s strong credentials in sustainable seafood production, this development raises natural and potentially very rewarding opportunity for our seafood producers.

There are also opportunities in Singapore’s retail sector in the chilled seafood category in the premium grocery market, which is quite well developed in Singapore.

Scale of opportunity

According to Euromonitor, Singapore is a high seafood consumption market at 22kg per head per annum. 125 thousand tonnes were consumed in 2020.

Most seafood is consumed in the food service sector and upscale operators are looking for sustainably produced chilled products.

Eligible companies

This opportunity is open to chilled seafood producers who can claim globally recognised standards of wild catch and farming sustainability.

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