Co-create solutions with customers

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Working with customers and potential customers throughout the R&D process is a great way to develop new products, processes or services. 

Encouraging more collaboration between Scotland's innovative companies and their customers is something we're passionate about. That's why we've developed a special form of R&D grant called 'Seek & Solve.'

Funding your R&D

If one of your customers, or a potential customer, has agreed to contribute towards the total resources needed to carry out an R&D project, then Seek & Solve could be able to help reduce your costs. 

The project aim could gather the knowledge and skills needed to develop new products and services or to introduce a significant improvement to existing ones. 

A typical Seek & Solve project will last six to 36 months. Our funding can cover up to 45% of your costs. 

We support the new stuff

Solutions need to transformational. The grant doesn’t cover the routine or periodic changes made to products, processes or services and other operations in progress, even if such changes may represent improvements.

Are your eligible?