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Workplace innovation support

Our workplace innovation services will help you understand your staff’s potential to make your business more efficient, productive and profitable. If you need advice, support or just a fresh pair of eyes, get in touch and we’ll connect you with your local specialist.

What workplace innovation support involves

We can help your business:

  • Consider how workplace and people practices can have positive impacts on performance and productivity
  • Become more resilient, innovative, sustainable and people centred
  • Adopt fair work principles to create a working environment that offers security, personal development and growth opportunities
  • Develop working environments that embrace diversity and inclusion

Why invest in your people and workplace practices?

Innovating your workplace can make your business:

  • More profitable

    Businesses that invest in leadership can be up to 50% more profitable than those that don’t.

  • More productive

    Happy workers are 13% more productive at work.

  • More innovative

    74% of individuals believe their organisation is more innovative when it has a culture of inclusion.


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Ways we can help your business adapt and grow

Our workplace innovation team have a wide range of skills and experience in people-related topics. Our knowledge, experience and networks make us trusted and impartial advisers for your business.

Our support is available to companies of all sizes across a range of sectors. We can offer advice and support on areas such as:

  • Leadership and management — we’ll help you build current and future capacity
  • Organisational structure, job design and performance — we’ll help you ensure your organisation is ready for growth and maximise your resources
  • HR and people data — we’ll help you identify key trends and understand what you need to measure
  • Recruitment and retention — we’ll help you understand how to make your workplace an attractive place to work and keep employees happy and motivated
  • Fair work — we’ll help you implement practices which will benefit individuals, organisations and society
  • Innovative workplace practices — we’ll help you understand if practices like flexible working, remote working, hybrid working or four-day weeks could be right for your business, and how you can use them to boost productivity

Our in-depth diagnostics will help you identify and prioritise your organisation and workforce development needs. We can also connect you to our expansive regional and global network, and help you find financial and business development support across Scotland.

With increased costs of doing business, organisations need to do better with less. This means optimising your greatest asset — your people. To improve resilience, you need to be agile, innovative and able to cope with change.

We encourage you to see your employees as an ‘investment’ rather than a ‘cost’. We can help you to:

  • Enhance leadership capability to boost performance and productivity through people-centric working practices
  • Maximise your workforce — in particular, their skills and their talent — to increase your competitiveness
  • Improve productivity by improving effectiveness, performance, problem solving and creativity of your people resources
  • Invest in the skills, capabilities and wellbeing of your workforce to create a culture which is engaged and inclusive

We regularly run a range of events and programmes, including:

  • Customised leadership and management development programmes to inspire and develop you — we’ll equip you with the knowledge and skills to unlock performance of teams and your workforce
  • Webinars and workshops that cover the different practices behind the concept of workplace innovation and fair work — you’ll learn how they can help you achieve positive benefits for your company


We’re committed to helping every company in Scotland improve diversity and inclusion within their workforces. One way of doing this is to develop fairer working practices within your organisation.

Whether your company is at the start of its diversity journey or has a well-established culture of fairness and inclusivity, we can help you:

  • Understand what fair work means for your business in practice
  • Understand how fair work can improve your reputation, productivity and profitability
  • Assess your existing workplace practices against fair work principles
  • Identify and implement changes to meet the fair work criteria

Develop and improve your workplace practices

The free Fair Work Employer Support Tool can help you develop new and improved workplace practices and learn more about fair work.

It'll help you assess and measure your workplace practices against the five dimensions of fair work. It also gives guidance and tailored resources based on your results.

Features of the tool include:

  • Quick questionnaire assessments
  • Personalised feedback, advice and actions
  • Graphic reports — see visuals of your progress to date
  • Compare your progress with previous assessments and your peers

Find out more on the Fair Work Tool website opens in a new window  

Got a question?

Our team is here to help your business overcome challenges, adapt and grow as your workplace changes.

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