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International market research service

Looking for research on international markets? Our free service can do it for you and produce tailored analysis in just five days.

We help businesses with company reports and competitor insights, industry trends and forecasts, consumer demographics and supply chain mapping.

Get to know your markets and competitors better

To keep up with today's rapidly changing business landscape, you need up-to-date, relevant insight into rapidly evolving markets. You need to know how your competitors are adapting. You need to know what your buyers and customers want before they do.

Our free international market research service offers you all these insights and more.

Why use our research service? Watch the video to learn more.

Our market research can help you in lots of ways

We can provide relevant, tailored extracts from a range of commercial databases in line with our licence agreements on the following:

Competitor insights

One key type of research we can offer is competitor insights. We can help you get ahead of your competition by providing the latest insights on their market share, previous year’s turnover, how their customers view them and what new products they’ve recently launched.

We have a range of resources at our disposal to bring that data to you and boost your competitive edge. Get our insight on: 

  • Competitor market segments
  • Individual companies
  • Financial and credit reports
  • Market and news analysis

Industry trends and forecasts

Off-the-shelf market research reports on hundreds of industries covering:

  • Market size and forecasts
  • Segmentation
  • Growth potential
  • Competitive landscape
  • Drivers, challenges and trends
  • Key social, economic, political and technological factors

We can send you the latest research on growth opportunities, as well as reports on the impacts of market-shifting events across the globe.

Company reports in your target market

We can provide lists of companies by location, size and industry, to help you identify potential customers, buyers, competitors, partners or investors.

We can also send you in-depth company profiles, including financial information for due diligence checks, as well as generic contact information to make that important first connection.

Consumer demographics

Understanding and predicting customer behaviour has never been more important. We can send you the latest insights on changing consumer preferences and behaviours, including:

  • How, when and where they buy
  • Branding and customer loyalty
  • Effective promotion methods
  • Pricing data

Supplier databases

If your supply chain has been affected by recent global events, our specialist supplier databases can help you find local suppliers by industry, size and location, covering:

  • Manufacturers
  • Distributors
  • Service providers

Our supply chain mapping can also help you determine if finding more local suppliers is right for your business. This means more opportunities for Scottish manufacturers and potentially a greener, more sustainable economy.

Please note that as a publicly funded agency, we operate a “fair usage” policy. This means that we can provide a small number of credit reports, but not on an ongoing or routine basis.

Get your free research

If you’re interested in research about international markets and the competitors already there, get in touch with our team today.

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