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What's involved?

The amount offered via Seek & Solve will be at our discretion, and we'll give your project a thorough appraisal before we decide.  

Grants are available at: 

  • A maximum of 45% of the eligible project costs for grants to small enterprises 
  • A maximum of 35% of the eligible project costs for grants to medium-sized enterprises 
  • A maximum of 25% of the eligible project costs for grants to large companies 

Grants are typically paid quarterly in arrears, based on evidence of actual expenditure. Grants to Small and Medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) may involve European funding, but we'll tell you this in any offer letter. 

We publish annual reports, listing details of the R&D Grants, including Seek & Solve, that we've awarded. 

Application process 

Your final application will include four things: 

  • Application form 
  • Project proposal 
  • Project Contract with the potential customer 
  • Business plan and accounts 

If you have an established management arrangement with Scottish Enterprise, and you’ve already provided some or all of this information for other purposes, please discuss this with your relationship manager before you apply.

Provided your application meets basic eligibility criteria, we will undertake appropriate internal or external due diligence using experienced technical and financial assessors.

How to apply