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What's involved?

If you're confident SMART: SCOTLAND is for you after submitting your initial enquiry form, you can submit a full application. You’ll be assigned a case officer who will take you through the whole process.

After you apply

Your application will be assessed as soon as we receive it. If it meets basic eligibility criteria, we will commission intensive due diligence checks. We will also commission a worldwide patent search to assess the level of innovation in your project and confirm it does not infringe any other intellectual property.

We will contact you if any issues arise from these checks or we need to clarify any points in your application.

After approval

Where an application is successful, we allocate a dedicated grant manager to your project. They will be responsible for the management, processing and payment of claims, and ensuring that all relevant documentation and information is submitted.


Your application for SMART: SCOTLAND funding may be referred to other Scottish Enterprise Departments, Government agencies and to non-Government bodies with sources of technical expertise for help in appraisal, but confidentiality will be maintained.

External technical, financial and intellectual property advisors undertake due diligence checks of applications. We have established confidentiality agreements with each of the organisations to ensure that all material sent to them relating to grant applications is handled in strictest confidence.

The UK Intellectual Property Office has confirmed that SMART: SCOTLAND does not constitute public disclosure for patenting purposes, as the information provided in confidence is not in the public domain.

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