The Six Building Blocks of Good Leadership

For a business to stand solid, leaders need to champion six core behaviours. Together, these building blocks provide the stability an organisation needs to thrive and develop.


The foundation of every organisation, purpose is about more than simply making a profit - it's a shared goal that unites everyone in your company and tells the world what you're about. As a leader, purpose is one of the first things you'll need to establish, and you’ll need it to build trust.


Like the walls that hold up your building, the people in your organisation depend on each other to do a good job. So trust is essential. It’s also vital that your company is seen as being trustworthy from the outside, as we saw in recent industry scandals. Leaders build trust by promoting a culture of honesty, transparency and openness with people at all levels.


With mutual trust, all the different people within your business act with a common purpose. Developments in digital communication have made such collaboration easier for businesses, and it’s important for leaders to highlight this. Through collaboration, you can build stronger, longer-term relationships with suppliers, consumers and even competitors - everyone gets a share of a bigger pie.


Having an open door to a diversity of views lets an organisation explore different ways of doing things and develop. So leaders need to foster a culture where people feel comfortable in expressing different points of view - even if those opinions are contrary or unpopular.


Edge is the energy employed to continually assess and challenge the way a company works. Complacency can leave you stuck in a rut, but encouraging openness will allow a degree of restlessness - edge - to make sure things are running as smoothly as possible.


Every company needs to adapt to change. Resilient ones are adaptable enough to bend a little, rather than breaking, when force is placed on them. These successful organisations (and their leaders) learn from setbacks. So when things don’t go according to plan, they can come out of the experience stronger.