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Attracting and retaining international talent

Are the specialised skills and experience your company needs to grow in short supply? You may want to consider extending your search outside of Scotland and the UK.

How TalentScotland can help you

The visa and immigration process

If you're hiring from overseas, you'll need to think about things like what visa route you'll hire through, whether you need a sponsor licence, and what documents you'll need to ask for to complete your right to work check. TalentScotland has provided lots of useful information to help you.

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Where to find talent

Not sure how to reach the right talent at home or overseas? TalentScotland has put together a list of alternative places to recruit, showcasing some options for recruiting in Scotland, across the UK and internationally.

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Checking international qualifications

Want to compare the qualifications of international applicants with qualifications in the UK? TalentScotland has provided some guidance on how to do this using the European Network of Information Centres (ENIC).

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How TalentScotland can help

If you’d like some further information and support to attract and retain international talent, TalentScotland can help.

TalentScotland supports Scottish-based companies, investors, and entrepreneurs considering Scotland as a location, to attract and retain skilled internationally mobile talent. This includes key information and guidance on navigating the UK immigration and visa system and where to find talent.

They can help you to: 

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Contact TalentScotland

If you'd like support from TalentScotland to attract international workers, just get in touch. They can help you find the right talent and navigate the immigration system.