Network with other tourism businesses

We pioneered the delivery of destination development activity in Scotland, a focus now seen as being fundamental to the future success of Scottish tourism. 

Destination groups aim to create strong tourism communities, working together to improve the visitor experience, deliver growth for local businesses, and provide economic benefits for the surrounding area and Scotland as a whole. 

As part of this activity, we work with a large number of tourism businesses at a regional level. We aim to help drive leadership in Scotland's tourism sector, encourage innovation and influence tourism companies to have a greater international mindset.

Each destination group offers a range of support for your business:

  • Find opportunities to collaborate with others in the tourism sector (for all size of businesses) on common challenges and new market opportunities
  • Learn about how digital and data-driven innovation can enhance productivity within your business
  • Get the latest market intelligence for your area and Scotland
  • Learn about international best practice from other destinations and companies - see and learn how it’s done elsewhere
  • Access cross-company workshops covering a range of areas including digital, data, innovation and international markets 
  • Find networking opportunities where you can meet other businesses to work with on developing new products, services or ideas

Take the next step

Connect with a tourism destination group near you:

Edinburgh area: Contact Edinburgh Tourism Action Group
Glasgow area: Contact Glasgow City Marketing
Aberdeenshire: Contact Visit Aberdeenshire
Dundee: Contact us 
Loch Lomond area: Contact Love Loch Lomond 
Midlothian and Borders: Contact Visit Midlothian

Love Loch Lomond case study from Digital Tourism Scotland