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Construction Automation open innovation challenge

In partnership with Structural Timber Association, Construction Scotland Innovation Centre (CSIC) is running a competition open to companies who have an ambition to design and develop automated solutions for the construction sector.

It’s seeking innovative Scottish companies who have ideas on how the Weinmann Line in CSIC’s Innovation Factory can be applied within their construction process with a view to increasing efficiency and/or enhancing the quality of existing processes - or the implementation of new processes - while overcoming industry challenges.

The Centre’s challenge funding can be allocated either to a Scottish academic partner of your choice to leverage the appropriate expertise your project requires, and/or to support access to the CSIC Innovation Factory, up to the value of £10,000. CSIC will support up to 5 successful applications.

CSIC anticipates that the funding is used for first stage exploratory or feasibility projects.  Access to further expertise or CSIC Innovation Factory time could thereafter be funded through CSIC Innovation Factory membership or traditional CSIC Innovation Funding, or through a subsequent innovation project application to CSIC or other funding bodies, for example Scottish Enterprise, Interface, InnovateUK.

Applicants are expected to provide any materials required and their expertise and time in kind.

Here is a short overview of the Weinmann Line that can be leveraged as part of your proposal:

Offsite Manufacturing Cell

A compact combination of a framing station and multifunction bridge for the manufacture of timber frame elements with nailed and/ or glued single and/ or multiple sheet layers.

The framework assembly and element sheathing is undertaken at one work station. Frames with sheathing on one (open panel) or both (closed panel) sides (when used in conjunction with the butterfly tables) can be produced with a high level of quality, accuracy and flexibility by a single operator.

The multifunction bridge supports a bank of tools and is expandable as necessary. Tools include nailers, routers, saws, ink jet markers, adhesive applicators and suchlike. CSIC's bridge currently supports a sheathing nailed, batten locator and nailer and router. The framing station includes a noggin station for installation of noggins and sub-assemblies and the production of spandrel panels. 

Manufactured Products:

  • Wall, roof, floor and gable elements.
  • Open and closed timber frame panels and cassettes of various configurations with or without openings and battens.
  • The specification of studs, rails, infill and sheathing varies as per panel design. 

A full specification flyer of the Offsite Manufacturing Cell can be downloaded here.

Tilting Transfer Butterfly Tables

A two-transfer table arrangement for the manufacture of closed panel timber frame elements.

The feeder and receiver tables are both tilting to allow safe transfer of elements from the feeder table to the receiving table. This allows for:

  • Safe and quick turning of panels without the need for a crane.
  • Safe transfer of sheathed frames to allow manufacture of closed panels on the Advanced Offsite Manufacturing Cell. Flips panels over for transfer back in to the multifunction bridge to allow the opposite face to be sheathed. 
  • Transporting, clamping, aligning, turning and setting up elements.

A full specification flyer of the Tilting Transfer Butterfly Tables can be downloaded here.

The deadline for this first stage application is Friday 22 June 2018.

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