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"Innovation is absolutely everything, because the attention span of the consumer today is shorter than it's ever been. So unless you're constantly wanting to change, evolve and innovate, you just become irrelevant very quickly. "

Peter Williams, founder of Jack Wills

Colin Meager, innovation support team leader at Scottish Enterprise, introduces why innovation is more important than ever in our fast-paced, ever-changing world.

"Most businesses recognise that they won’t stay competitive unless they do something new. However, that's often where the challenge lies. Simply knowing where to start can be tricky. 

"Launching a new product or service, or making improvements to existing ones might seem daunting at first. And investing time and money in a new development, while you're up to you ears in 'business as usual' can put added pressure on the business when resources are perhaps tight.

"That's where we come in. 

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"Our specialist team of advisers can provide you with expertise and experience to take a concept forward and to transform it into a commercially viable proposition.

"Each specialist works with a large portfolio of companies, across all sectors, providing information, tailored action plans, access to networks and external support and, where appropriate, funding. 

"Described as acting as “challengers and champions” to the business, the specialists can help you plan your route from concept to validation and implementation. 

"Breaking new ground can be tough and having experienced advisers to work with you through the process can be the difference between failure and success.

"If you're looking at a new business model, new market opportunities or releasing a new product or service, our innovation advisers are here to help." 

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Colin Meager, wider innovation team leader at Scottish Enterprise
Colin Meager, innovation support team leader at Scottish Enterprise
Craig Robertson, founder and CEO of Filmore Play video

Innovation support service

Craig Robertson, founder of Filmore Skincare explains how our innovation support service prepares you for developing new products and entering new markets.

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Funding your designs

Our By Design grant can provide up to £5000 towards developing new products and services or improving design of existing ones.

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Reach new markets

Our Make it to Market grant provides up to £5000 for developing new products and services for overseas markets.

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Talk to an adviser

Our team of innovation experts can help your company shape its next project, provide support, guidance and details on funding.

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Cool solutions at Staels Design

Glasgow-based Staels Design has a mission to “meet unmet needs” in rehabilitation product design and mobility equipment.

After being exposed to the challenges wheelchair users face to control their body temperatures, company founder Corien Staels was inspired to make a change.

She came up with “WheelAir” - the first battery powered airflow back-rest cushion, designed to offer support and comfort while keeping wheelchair users cool. 

"I think the most difficult thing of all was getting from the first prototype, " says Corien, "to when we started really developing the product nine months ago.

"Having someone to bounce ideas off is very important, " she added. "The innovation team at Scottish Enterprise is so big and there’s so much support available, but to have someone there – especially if you’re a full founder - to guide you to the different things available has been very important for me. 

"Without that support, it would’ve been extremely difficult for me to get everything done at the right time." 

Read Corien's full story 

"Scottish Enterprise has provided us with the support, connections and strategic expertise to take us from a small start-up to an international marketing organisation."

David Sime director, Oncor Video

Prescription for innovation

How SPOT got the dosage right

Our innovation and intellectual property support helped the Safer Prescribing of Opiods Tool (SPOT) platform develop a life-saving solution to reduce medical error.

Led and validated by clinicians, the Safer Prescribing of Opioids Tool (SPOT) platform is a new medical device designed to reduce opioid prescribing error.

It's something of a breakthrough for the industry - allowing users to access up-to-date prescription information and calculate drug dosages through their smartphones.

Spun out of a partnership between the University of Dundee, NHS Tayside, Digital Health Institute and Scottish Enterprise, it’ll be the first clinically-validated opioid converter in clinical practice.

With all prescriptions in the SPOT system recorded, the system can be used for clinical governance purposes – improving accountability for prescribing and providing evidence for re-validation.

We met Dr Roger Flint, founder and medical doctor, to discuss how our innovation and intellectual property support helped SPOT grow from a bright idea into a viable business.

"Help from the innovation support team and intellectual assets specialists at Scottish Enterprise and Business Gateway has been pivotal to the success of the business, " says Roger,  "enabling execution of the business idea with confidence and speed.

"The intellectual property audit set the framework for the company, clarified the IP position, and provided the necessary reassurance to pursue the innovation."

Read Dr Flint's full story

Helping hands
An intellectual property audit was vital to Dr Flint's progress

"My adviser gave me more information in 30 minutes than I'd received in the months I'd spent trawling the internet for support and funding prior to our meeting. I would advise absolutely anyone to speak with these guys."

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