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Watch or read our annual reviews and accounts to see how we're delivering the priorities set out in our business plan

You'll find all our annual reports and accounts since 2006 on this page. If you'd like an older version, contact us.


Hear about some of our key achievements during 2015-16
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  • Working closely with our partners, we helped more companies to export – including 340 that are now projecting significant export growth as a result of our High Growth Markets team which has focused support to help companies access opportunities in high-growth markets such as China, the Middle East and India


  • We supported 1,101 businesses to become innovation active, reaching an increasing number of companies through enhanced digital services
  • At over £192 million, we also achieved a record result in terms of additional investment in R&D through Scottish Enterprise supported companies
  • Companies we worked with are now planning £488 million additional turnover as a result of our innovation support and a further £113 million from efficiency savings including £28 million in the manufacturing sector as a result of the Scottish Manufacturing Advisory Service
  • There’s been a significant 200,796t contribution to the CO2 savings target including from projects supported through the Renewable Energy Investment Fund (REIF)


  • The Scottish Investment Bank (SIB), invested £52.4 million into 133 Scottish companies which leveraged an additional £277 million in private investment
  • Our investment included the investment of over £12 million into 13 established SMEs through the Scottish Loan Fund, managed by Maven Capital Partners
  • We have also extended our financial readiness support to 418 companies to help them prepare to raise finance
  • £156 million of planned capital investment by companies that we supported

Inclusive growth

  • We have secured more than 4,000 jobs across Scotland, supporting companies through Regional Selective Assistance and other support
  • We have promoted the benefits of the Scottish Business Pledge principles to companies and worked with 686 companies to develop their leadership abilities
  • We have introduced new programmes to increase the number of entrepreneurs in Scotland with a global mindset including among under-represented groups
  • 7,090 planned jobs were secured through attraction of inward investment including 2,211 High Value-Added (HVA) planned jobs
  • Significant increase in entrepreneurial activity through the introduction of the Start Global and the CAN DO Scale programmes which included working with 231 in Scotland, including those among under represented groups, to create internationally competitive early stage ventures

Our annual report and accounts 2015-2016 (PDF, 446 kB)


Hear about some of our key achievements in 2014-2015
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We made continued progress toward our vision for Scotland’s economy which grew at its fastest rate since 2006 and now has the highest economic activity rate in the UK.

Key achievements in 2014-2015 include:

  • 121 Regional Selective Assistance offers totalling £57.8 million were accepted for projects with planned capital expenditure of £396.7 million. These projects are expected to create or safeguard 8,991 jobs
  • We attracted 91 inward investment projects, securing 9,658.5 jobs (3,192 HVA), with total capital expenditure of over £433 million
  • Our account managed companies grew their turnover by £1.3 billion
  • Our support helped businesses make efficiency and productivity improvements to deliver a record £107 million in the next three years
  • Innovation support which helped Scottish businesses develop projects anticipated to deliver an additional £658 million turnover in the next three years
  • Internationalisation support helped 2,540 companies develop their capacity for international business and 339 companies to significantly boost turnover growth from exporting
  • Scottish Investment Bank helped leverage an additional £99 million in private growth finance for Scotland’s early stage and growth businesses

Our annual report and accounts 2014-2015 (PDF, 391kB)


Our annual review video for 2013-2014
Hear about some of our key achievements during 2013-2014
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This was a record year of working with more than 8,000 Scottish businesses, reinforcing how our range of projects and programmes has helped contribute to the improving economic picture.

Key achievements in 2013-2014 include:

  • £93 million of growth finance leveraged through the Scottish Investment Bank
  • RSA support created and safeguarded 6161 jobs
  • 228 companies expected to generate £1.2 billion of international trade

Our annual report and accounts 2013-2014 (PDF, 471kB)

Our priority areas

Read our annual review summary documents that focus on our priority areas:


Annual review 2012 to 2013 thumbnail
Hear about some of our key achievements during 2012-2013
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With the latest economic figures confirming that the Scottish economy is gaining growth momentum we’ve launched our online annual review for the financial year 2012-2013.

The film gives a snapshot of key achievements for the financial year and reinforces how the range of projects and programmes we’ve delivered over the year has helped contribute to the improving economic picture.

Our annual report and accounts 2012-2013 (PDF, 439kB)


Annual review 2011 to 2012 thumbnail
Hear about some of our key achievements during 2011-2012
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This review shows how at Scottish Enterprise we want to help Scotland's economy become more globally competitive, by working in partnership to help Scottish companies and sectors respond to new opportunities that will boost our overall economic performance.

Our annual report and accounts 2011-2012 (PDF, 357kB)


Scottish Enterprise Annual Review 2011-2012
Hear about some of our key achievements during 2010-2011
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Annual report and accounts 2010-2011 (PDF, 282kB)


Annual report and accounts 2009-2010 (PDF, 891kB) 


Annual report and accounts 2008-2009 (PDF, 2.72MB)

2007 - 2008

Annual report and accounts 2007-2008 (PDF, 235kB)

2006 - 2007

Annual review 2006-2007 (PDF, 1.7MB)

Annual report and accounts 2006-2007 (PDF, 776kB)

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