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The Scottish Investment Bank is our investment arm. It helps our most promising growth and export companies achieve their full potential through support and investment.


This year we helped Scottish companies deliver ambitious international growth plans. In 2015-16 we:

  • Invested £52.4 million in 133 Scottish companies
  • Helped companies leverage £277 million of private investment
  • Invested £12.2 million in 13 SMEs, through the Scottish Loan Fund

Our investee companies won export contracts worth £179.6 million and their international sales reached over £220 million

Scottish Investment Bank Annual Review 2015-2016


This was a year when investment flourished. In 2014-15 we:

  • Invested £66.5 million - more than double on the previous year
  • Leveraged £99 million of private investment
  • Helped over 400 companies prepare for investment
  • Added 46 companies to our portfolio and supported 5 company exits
  • Welcomed nine new partners, seven of which were from outside of Scotland

These investments produce economic benefits for Scotland.

Our portfolio companies contribute over 3,500 jobs to the Scottish economy.

Breaking records in investment

Scottish Investment Bank Annual Review 2014-2015


In 2013-2014 we worked with investors, helped businesses enter international markets and supported Scotland's key growth sectors.

  • We helped 378 companies get ready to attract investment
  • We invested £32.4 million into Scottish businesses, alongside £93.3 million
  • We added 32 new companies to our portfolio, bringing the year end total to 254 and these companies supported 3,367 Scottish jobs
  • We invested a record £8.8 million into renewable energy projects
  • Our portfolio recorded a combined turnover of £305 million, including £75 million of exports

Building partnerships is the key to investment success

Scottish Investment Bank Annual Review 2013-2014


Some highlights from the 2012-2013 year include:

  • Increased total investment to £32.4 million, leveraging a further £60.4 million in private sector investment 
  • Over £12 million invested into 8 established companies via the Scottish Loan Fund, managed by Maven Capital Partners
  • Much needed equity and debt funding to over 100 of Scotland’s growth potential companies - many with international ambitions 
  • The launch of the £103m Renewable Energy Investment Fund
  • Investment into the newly established Rock Spring Ventures Fund for early stage life sciences and health technology companies 
  • 460 companies assisted by our dedicated Financial Readiness team to prepare them for raising funding 
  • 3,942 FTE jobs supported in investee companies

With an investment portfolio of 237 companies, the Scottish Investment Bank continues to manage one of the largest and most diverse investment portfolios in the UK.

Scots firms work with SIB to access £93 million support

Scottish Investment Bank Annual Review 2012-2013 (PDF, 1MB)


SIB announced strong results this year:

  • 5% increase in overall investment alongside private sector partners
  • 30% increase in the amount of follow-on investment to support growing companies
  • Almost 300 companies receiving assistance from the financial readiness team
  • 3,859 FTE jobs supported

SIB’s total investment reached almost £30 million. This includes the Scottish Loan Fund, which in turn leveraged £62 million from the private sector, resulting in almost £92 million being invested in 91 Scottish companies over the year.

Scottish Investment Bank Annual Review 2012

Scottish Investment Bank 2011-1012 Annual Review (PDF, 1.2MB)

Older reviews

Before the creation of SIB, Scottish Enterprise Investments (SEI) operated with the remit of addressing the gap in Scotland's risk capital market with the primary objective of increasing private sector investment levels in early stage Scottish companies.


Scottish Investment Bank 2010-1011 Annual Review (PDF, 1.1MB)


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