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Why SHINe?

Discover why SHINe was created and what we hope it will achieve.

SHINe enhances Scotland’s hydrogen landscape by shining a light on its innovation network and supporting its existing ecosystem. Our goal is to accelerate hydrogen innovation across Scotland.

The programme offers companies of all sizes a single platform to easily access expertise, demonstration opportunities, test centres and partnerships that are crucial for advancing innovations. 

What does SHINe do?

SHINe complements Scotland’s existing hydrogen innovation network by simplifying access to facilities and resources. It also aims to showcase the nation’s diverse offerings across the hydrogen innovation space. 

  • Accelerating innovation

  • Facilitating collaboration

  • Driving Scotland’s leadership

What are SHINe’s goals?

SHINe aims to:

  • Act as a one-stop shop for Scotland’s hydrogen innovation assets, to make it easier for companies and investors to navigate Scotland’s hydrogen landscape
  • Shine a light on Scotland’s innovation assets, to simplify the process for companies seeking Scottish facilities for innovation products and services
  • Provide resources and guidance on innovation funding opportunities and assets, to reduce research costs for companies
  • Guide investors through the complexities of the Scottish hydrogen innovations system and funding landscape
  • Elevate Scotland’s hydrogen innovation and manufacturing capabilities around the world, to attract investment and position Scotland as a leader in the global hydrogen revolution

More about SHINe

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