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Scotland’s ambitions and capabilities in the hydrogen sector

06 May 2024 • 5 minute read

Scotland is leading the global hydrogen transition with ambitious renewables plans.

Discover Scotland’s plans for hydrogen and why it is in a prime position to become a leader in the global hydrogen transition.

Scotland, known for its rich history and breathtaking landscapes, is now at the forefront of a global drive towards sustainable energy solutions. Its ambition is to become a net zero nation by 2045 by becoming a renewable energy powerhouse.

What are Scotland’s hydrogen ambitions?

Scotland’s commitment to sustainability is reflected in its ambitious climate targets. Its aim to become a net zero nation by 2045 demonstrates a drive to lead the way in the transition to renewable energy sources like hydrogen. The Climate Change Plan, which was announced by the Scottish Government after the UN Paris Agreement, was also one of the most ambitious pieces of climate legislation for emissions reduction in the world. 

The Scottish electrolytic hydrogen production market size is estimated at 126 terawatt hours and the country has a target to produce 25 gigawatts of renewable or low carbon hydrogen by 2045.

Scotland is also creating 13 Regional Hydrogen Hubs to ensure the country continues to lead the way in the hydrogen sector. These hubs will focus on the hydrogen life cycle, from production, storage, distribution, end use and export to the UK and mainland Europe.

What are Scotland’s hydrogen capabilities? 

Scotland has huge renewable energy resource and is one of Europe’s largest offshore renewable energy zones. This makes it a promising hub for large-scale hydrogen projects and the country could be a key exporter of green energy to Europe.  

The nation has an abundance of experience advancing new energy technologies, and over 60 years of transferable skills and expertise as a global energy hub and innovation leader. Its existing expertise in energy innovation and supportive government policies create a favourable environment for hydrogen research, development and deployment. Nine hundred skilled companies have also been identified as potential partners across the supply chain.

Scotland’s hydrogen capabilities extend across multiple sectors. These include production, storage, distribution, and end-use applications. There is a strong focus on innovation in Scotland, and the nation is actively exploring new technologies and solutions to accelerate the adoption of hydrogen across industries. 

Discover the possibilities in Scotland’s hydrogen sector

SHINe exists to enhance Scotland’s hydrogen landscape. Our goal is to accelerate hydrogen innovation across Scotland by shining a light on its innovation network and supporting its existing ecosystem.

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