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Export opportunity – China biosafety testing

Key details

Opportunity: Biosafety testing

Country: China

Sector: Life sciences

China – biosafety testing opportunity summary  

The Covid-19 outbreak in 2020 focused attention on biosafety in China. Increasing requirements by regulatory agencies such as the FDA are driving the need for increased biosafety testing. 

Historically, China’s pharmaceutical industry was monopolised by generic drugs, but it has evolved in recent years. 

The entire supply chain (including clinical research organisations) is now well established, but compared with other countries, there are fewer GMP/GLP qualified third-party providers capable of providing biosafety testing and analysis. 

This is a clear gap which needs to be addressed in order to meet the fast-growing market demands. 

Scale of export opportunity

From 2012 to 2016, China's biopharmaceutical outsourcing service market was the fastest growing in the world, increasing from ¥100 million CNY (£11 million) to ¥2.1 billion CNY (£230 million) — a compound growth rate of 30.5%. 

Company suitability

Scottish companies best positioned to win this type of business will fit with some of the following: 

  • CRO/CDMO company that specialise in biosafety testing
  • Biotech companies or start-ups with strong capabilities and expertise in unique biosafety testing solutions
  • Suppliers to the biosafety testing industry 

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