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Export opportunity – China medical technology (medtech)

Key details

Export opportunity: Medtech

Country: China

Sector: Technology

China – medical technology opportunity summary

The demands for medtech solutions and devices continue to grow in China in areas such as health care management, personal care and innovative diagnostics. 

Hainan and Shenzhen provinces are exploring fast entry approaches for certain ‘urgently needed’ non-registered medical products in China. This will help to accelerate the regulatory process and allow international companies to get their products to the Chine market more quickly.

China’s domestic companies have an established foothold in low-value medical consumables.  According to management consultancy firm Roland Berge, 80-90% of high-end medical devices in China rely on importation, especially for core components and key raw materials. The gaps in advanced diagnostics such as molecular and immunology, as well as high-value medical consumables in ophthalmology, imaging, rehabilitation and cancer treatments, are prime opportunities for Scottish suppliers. We work in close partnership with key stakeholders in China to open up trade opportunities across both countries in the above areas.

Scale of export opportunity

China has the largest healthcare system in the world, the largest consumer market in healthcare and the second largest digital economy in the world. In 2022, China’s medical device market size reached around £106 billion, only second to the USA. 

In 2022, China launched a subsidised loan scheme valued at around £23 billion, aimed at hospitals to invest in hardware and devices, which has been an opportunity for medtech companies.   

In the same year, China’s total imports of medical and digital health devices was valued at about 30 billion USD (source CCCMHPIE) with high-value consumables, diagnostics reagents and large medical equipment being the main imports.    

Company suitability

Scottish companies best positioned to win this type of business will fit with some of the following:

  • Providers of medical devices and digital health technologies which can drive efficiency in clinical and care management  
  • Companies that specialise in personal care devices, diagnostics and digital therapeutics 
  • Companies that are already trading internationally 

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