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Unlock business potential with capital investment

Capital investment is a powerful way to transform and grow your business. Learn how we can help you find funding and target your investment for maximum value.

Transform your business with capital investment

Focusing capital investment on key areas of your business — including your workforce and workplace, technology, exporting, and leadership — can lead to transformational change.

This can mean better outcomes in productivity, innovation, and domestic and international competitiveness.

We can help you do this. We have services to help you find and secure finance, and our advisers and programmes can help you get maximum value from your investment.

You can also read our business guides for advice on financing your capital investment project.

Get help funding your investment project

If you need funding for your investment, check our support for potential finance options.

  • Business grants and funding calls

    Explore currently active grants and funding calls from our partners and external sources. We sometimes offer our own grants, too.

  • Accessing finance and attracting investment

    We provide support and advice to help you explore funding options for your business. These include our own co-investment funding opportunities and loan funding.

  • European Partnership Programme funding

    We work with businesses and partners in a range of European partnership projects. Learn more about these projects and how we can help you access European funding.

Read our guides on financing your investment

Get video and written guidance on different ways you can access, secure and manage finance for your capital investment project.

Finance for capital investment

Finance options for your business

Using your business plan to raise finance

Becoming investor-ready

Financial projections

How banks make lending decisions

The legal process for receiving funding

Equity funding

What is equity funding?

Raising equity funding

Securing equity investment

Tax relief schemes for raising equity

Debt funding

What is debt funding?

A guide to debt

Capital investment success stories

Read about Scotland-based companies that have made a successful investment in their businesses.

Get support to target your investment

Even if you have access to capital, it can be difficult to decide where to invest.

We can help you target your investment at high-value areas such as your workforce and workplace, your innovation strategy, your export capacity and capability, and your business leadership.

  • People and the workplace

    We can help you invest in your workers, workplace and practices. These can all work to drastically improve your productivity. Learn about the support we offer.

  • Exports and international markets

    We can help build your export capacity and capability, connect you with new markets, and boost your ecommerce resources. We also provide tailored international market research.

  • Innovation, digital and data

    If you’re looking to adopt new tools and processes, secure your intellectual assets or access innovation finance, networks and digital solutions, we can help.

  • Leadership Development Programme

    Investing in leadership ambition, risk and change management practices can drive positive change in your workforce. We can help you get started.

Got a question?

Our specialists are on hand to answer your questions about capital investment opportunities.