Improve productivity and skills

Workplace innovation may well be the latest buzz among entrepreneurial communities, but what exactly is it and how can we help? We’ll give you practical tools to create a culture where your staff are fully engaged, helping shape a profitable, efficient and responsive business.

Supporting and improving your team

To ensure continued business success, it’s important to listen to your people. Otherwise, you could be missing out on the best asset you could ever have.

Get support to build a more empowered, engaged and productive workforce.

Improving your workplace

Are you making the most of your physical and virtual workspaces?

This isn’t just about moving desks or investing in the latest software. The performance of your business can often be influenced by how well-aligned your environment is to your culture and working practices.

Create efficient ways of working

Work practices can often make or break a company and research has shown that introducing different ways of working can increase productivity significantly.

Business mentoring

If you want to grow or develop your business, who better to encourage and support you than someone who has already made that journey? 

We can match your business to an experienced adviser or mentor who’ll help you navigate through specific pain points.

Graduate and student placements

Want to benefit from someone eager to put their talents and qualifications to work on a specific well-defined project?

We’ll find you the right graduate to help your company or organisation grow.

Workshops and masterclasses

Small changes can deliver big benefits. 

Our workshops and masterclasses will give you a steer on best practice to enhance your business productivity and better engage your employees, to give you greater efficiencies and profits. 

Why choose us?

We've helped many businesses to become more productive and improve their teams.

£256m extra turnover forecast

Thanks to our innovation support companies are now forecasting an extra £256 million in turnover*

£100m private finance leveraged

Over £100 million of private finance leveraged as a result of our support*

200+ improvement reviews

More than 200 manufacturers will undergo in-depth improvement reviews with our support**

*based on 2016/17 performance, **2018 performance forecast

Don't just take our word for it

Alan Gordon from Stenaline at Stenaline Loch Ryan Port, Belfast Way, Cairnryan

Alan Gordon is the director of innovation at Stena Line, a large ferry company

"Innovation has delivered for our business more profitability and more revenue."

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Billy Wilson from Jas P Wilson squatting next to a large tyre

Billy Wilson is the managing director of Jas P Wilson, a forestry and firewood firm

"I’d thought that innovation was just about product development...but at the ‘deeper’ innovation workshops, I saw that it’s actually in every part of your business."

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How can we help you?

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How can we help you?

Our partners Business Gateway provide support for new start-up businesses

From skills development and strategy to funding and advice, Business Gateway's highly experienced team can help you navigate any challenge.

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How can we help you?

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