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Data driven innovation

Data will drive Scotland's next economic revolution, one that represents a £20 billion opportunity to the country over the next five years.

Using expertly sourced data and research can boost innovation and create economic growth, identify behaviours, improve services and more. Here are some data organisations, events, opportunities and stories that can help your company on its data journey.

  • Investing in data driven innovation in Scotland

    The Data Driven Innovation (DDI) Programme is a massive investment in DDI in Scotland that will drive the regional and Scottish economies.

  • The Data Lab - home of Scottish data innovation

    The Data Lab's core mission is to generate significant economic, social and scientific value from data. It also helps develop the next generation of data scientists and builds and connects Scotland's data community.

  • DataFest - Scotland's data festival

    Scotland's annual festival of data innovation brings together data pioneers and experts and offers opportunities for companies to network and explore how data can be used to grow business.

  • EIE conference

    Scotland's annual engage, invest, exploit (EIE) conference features the most promising innovative, data-driven high growth companies, emerging from Scotland, the UK and beyond, seeking funding from seed to series A. 

  • SoilEssentials' data driven innovation story

    SoilEssentials employ data to help farmers optimise their businesses both here and abroad. Read its story about solving problems with tech.

  • Got a data opportunity you'd like to explore?

    If you're looking to explore a data opportunity for your business, why not consider participating in Data Lab’s MSc. 10-12 week Placement Programme. 

  • Turing Fest: where tech tribes get together

    Turing Fest is a cross-sectional tech event for industry professionals to gain insight and build connections over three days of workshops, panels and speakers.

  • Scottish data apprenticeships for businesses

     Apprenticeships are designed by employers for employers and help improve the long-term pipeline and address skills gaps that can affect many companies in this area. 

  • Developing the data talent pool in Scotland

    Scotland is growing talent that feeds the requirements of Scottish businesses and the needs of inward investors actively locating their operations here because of this data talent pool.

  • Scottish data and technology meetups

    Join meetups in Scotland where experts share a range of data science, analytics and technology trends and market insights with the Scottish data community. 

  • The Bayes Centre

    The University of Edinburgh's Bayes Centre is a global leader in data science and artificial intelligence and works in partnership with companies to solve real-world problems. 

  • The Alan Turing Institute of Data Science and AI

    The Alan Turing Institute (ATI) is the UK National Institute for Data Science and AI. It's aim is to help make the UK the best place in the world for data science and AI research, collaboration, and business.

  • Scotland's Urban Big Data Centre (UBDC)

    The Centre promotes the use of data and data innovation to improve social, economic and environmental well-being in cities. UBDC helps small and large businesses derive greater value from the power of data.

  • Centre for Health Data Science

    Based at the University of Aberdeen, the Centre brings data science solutions to the challenges of health and healthcare.

  • Codebase - the tech business growth company

    This tech cluster helps tech companies start-up and scale-up, by offering the infrastructure and network that businesses need to grow quickly. 

  • Scotland's data story

    Previous Head of Scottish Enterprise's data-driven initiative, David Smith, Senior Director, Digital Technology and Sector Delivery, shares his thoughts on how companies can use data.

  • ScotlandIS

    Scottish Enterprise is partnering with ScotlandIS to support their ambitions to become the cluster management organisation for the digital tech industry in Scotland.

  • Scottish space incubator

    The Scottish space incubator is a programme supporting space start-ups, and businesses using space technology to grow, develop and succeed.