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Falkirk CURP (Converted SIP): final evaluation – final report


The Falkirk Community Urban Regeneration Programme (CURP) aimed to: alleviate poverty by increasing income and access to employment and education; reduce the risk to health and safety of communities and individuals; develop appropriate community infrastructure; and remove barriers to individuals reaching their potential. The evaluation aimed to assess the extent to which: the Programme and the Partnership’s work has changed to take account of policy developments; they have managed to join up services; the Partnership has picked up the commitment to ‘what works’; and the Partnership has been able to respond to these challenges effectively.


The methodology consisted of: interviews with members of the Partnership, Task Group chairs and the Partnership Support Team; focus groups with members of the People’s Panel; collection of detailed returns from individual projects; and analysis and draft reports.


Finds that most of the measurable targets set for the compulsory indicators have been met and sometimes exceeded and CURP has contributed to the reduction of social exclusion on a significant scale. Believes the structure appears top heavy but there is evidence that it is justified. Observes there have been considerable changes over the last 18 months and many of the full effects of the reviews have yet to work through into practice. CURP projects display a considerable range of quality and impacts. Overall, believes the programme gives a creditable performance, supported by the work of Task Groups and of the Partnership Support Team.


Recommends the Partnership should focus on work and progression in work, joined-up services and the monitoring framework. Recommends tackling issues such as: a geographical focus in tackling social inclusion; the Partnership’s structure; project management, design and focus; monitoring and evaluation; and the projects’ long term sustainability. Concludes there is a requirement to ensure the continued funding of the social infrastructure.

Author Richard Scothorne, Partners in Economic Development
Published Year 2009
Report Type Evaluation
  • Business infrastructure
    Urban development corporations
  • Labour Market and Skills
    Skills Development