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Pilot Global Companies Development Programme: review – final report


The pilot Global Companies Development Programme (PGCDP) aimed to be a Network response to the issues and challenges facing Scottish SMEs seeking to compete effectively in the Global market. The evaluation aimed to investigate and assess the learning experienced by the Network in the design, implementation and monitoring of the PGCDP.


The methodology consisted of: a review of PGCDP companies’ case studies; desk research; structured discussions with the GCDP team and the PGCDP companies’ Account Managers; and discussions with, and a review of data provided by, the PGCDP implementing consultants.


Considers the rationale for intervention is well-founded. Finds the companies completing the PGCDP demonstrate enhanced levels of performance. Notes advances have been made to achieve integrated Network responses to clients, but that delivery requires significant resources. Observes that companies might misinterpret the PGCDP as permanent Network assistance. Discusses issues relating to communications, multiple roles and responsibilities, adding value to the development process and the core competencies of Network executives. Notes the selection process was not sufficiently inclusive or transparent. The PGCDP demonstrates a shortfall in the extent of the Network’s knowledge of the company base. Considers the selection of one consultant firm to carry out the strategic review process was limiting and aspects of the PGCCP process management were too rigid.


Recommends clearly aligning PGCDP’s objectives and activities of the PGCDP with its original strategy, and enhancing GCDP’s monitoring and evaluation. Overall, suggests that the GCDP team should engage in a process of development and review and devise an implementation plan to effect continuous improvement of the GCDP. Outlines a series of Network Learning Points, relating to communications and working relationship management. Recommends the establishment of a Network group of executives to deliver assistance to companies with global ambition.

Author Malcolm Watson Consulting; SE Evaluation team
Published Year 2009
Report Type Evaluation
  • Internationalisation
    Internationalisation of Scottish businesses