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The technology talent pool: evaluation of pilot project


The Technology Talent Pool pilot project,, aimed to improve: Scotland’s access to internationally mobile skilled scientists and engineers; the collective ability of Scottish-based companies to attract internationally-based scientists and engineers; and the understanding of these individuals about Scotland as a place to live and work. The evaluation aimed to test various hypotheses - that is doing the right thing, that it is doing things in the right way, and that it is achieving significant business and economic benefit and impact.


The methodology consisted of: a survey of individuals registered with the website (1% response from 18,000 users); telephone interviews with 30 Scottish businesses and 12 individuals recruited through the website; phone and face-to-face consultations with stakeholders; and an inception meeting, Business Forum presentation, and workshop with clients.


Finds that the revised targets for web user sessions, CV’s posted and job applications have been met or exceeded. Based on recent data, there is a 2.3% conversion from applications made via the website to jobs filled. Suggests that this public sector intervention achieves at best partial additionality and that a degree of crowding out of the private sector may be taking place. There is no evidence of demand for to be rolled out to other sectors. Notes that employers consider that Talentscotland can play a significant part in meeting their recruitment needs in future. Advises that the attraction of highly skilled people seems to require a personalised approach, rather than a broadly based online recruitment.


Concludes there is a requirement for a fundamental reappraisal of Suggests the need for business development support to aid the strategic talent attraction/retention capability of Scottish companies and the continued maintenance of marketing Scotland and its industry sectors internationally. Recommends that talent attraction should be viewed as a matter of strategic management capability within firms. Recommends that market segmentation is required to ensure that available marketing and communication channels towards ‘talent’ are deployed optimally by various activities. Suggests there is merit in the public sector developing an integrated approach to talent attraction initiatives.

Author SQW Limited
Published Year 2009
Report Type Evaluation
  • Sectors
    Digital markets and enabling technologies, Life Sciences
  • Internationalisation
    People/talent attraction